Visio 2016 Intermediate Training Courses

Duration: 1 Day

Course Objective:

To learn how to work with multiple pages, backgrounds, styles, master shapes, shape sheets, layers and templates.

Course Contents:

Creating and Modifying Styles

  • Applying Styles
  • Creating a Template

Working with Stencils and Master Shapes

  • Creating a Stencil
  • Creating a Master Shape
  • Protecting Shapes and Documents
  • Changing Shape Behaviour
  • Using Automatic Layout

Merging Shapes

  • Using the Union Command
  • Using the Subtract Command
  • Using the Fragment Command
  • Using the Combine Command
  • Using the Intersect Command

Using Background Pages

  • Creating a Background Page
  • Assigning a Background Page
  • Displaying and Modifying Background and
  • Foreground Pages

Working with Layers

  • Understanding Layers
  • Creating a Layer
  • Assigning a Shape to a Layer
  • Displaying Individual Layers
  • Setting Layer Properties
  • Removing a Layer
  • Pan & Zoom Window

Inserting Pictures and Objects

  • Inserting a Picture
  • Inserting Fields
  • Embedding an Object
  • Linking an Object

Working with ShapeSheets

  • Understanding the ShapeSheet
  • Changing ShapeSheet Properties

Using Special Features

  • Viewing Customs Properties of a shape
  • Adding a Custom Property to a Shape
  • Working with Hyperlinks
  • Adding & Testing a Hperlink
  • Using a Hyperlink in the Full Screen Mode

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