Access 2010 Intermediate Training Courses – Online or Face to Face

Duration: 1 Day

Course Objective:

To build on some existing database design and/or user experience that may have been gained from the Introduction course.

Course Contents:

  • Action Queries
    • Types of Query
    • The Crosstab Query
    • The Make Table Query
    • The Append Query
    • The Delete Query
    • The Update Query
  • Customising Forms
    • Forms
    • Manipulating Data in the Form
  • Creating a New Form
    • Using the Form Wizard
  • Creating a Form with a Subform
  • Modifying and Redesigning the Form
    • Modifying and Redesigning the Form Continued.
  • Reports
    • The Report Wizard
  • Creating a Report with Calculated Totals
  • Using the Chart Wizard
    • Altering the Chart
  • Using the Label Wizard
  • Modifying and Redesigning the Report
  • Publishing Access Data on the Web
  • Database Replication
    • What is Database Replication?
    • Creating and Maintaining a Replicated Database
    • To use Briefcase to Create a Replica
    • Changes made to a Replicated Database
  • Synchronization


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Very approachable, adaptable and knowledgeable
A very good course, explained well and clear presentation
The trainer was very patient. He was happy to repeat explanations.
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