Excel 2010 Advanced Training Courses – Online or Face to Face

Duration: 1 Day

Course Objective:

Creating, Maintaining, Filtering and using Subtotals in a List, Recording, Assigning and using Macros, Creating and using User-Defined Functions, Performing ‘What If’ Analyses, Working with Scenarios, Querying a Database, Importing and Exporting Files and Data, Protecting Data, Pivot Tables, Reports and Charts.

Course Contents:

Working with Lists Using Business Analysis Tools
  • Creating a List
  • Maintaining a List
  • Editing Records using a Data Form
  • Filtering a List
  • Recording & Using Macros
  • Using Basic Analysis Tools
  • Performing ‘What If’ Analyses
  • Working with Scenarios

Using Advanced Analysis Tools and External Data

  • Querying a Database
  • Importing & Exporting Files
  • Protecting Data
  • Using Data Validation
  • Using Worksheet Protection
  • Password Protecting a Workbook
  • Working with Pivot Tables
  • Identifying the Parts of a Basic Pivot Tables
  • Pivot Table Reports
  • Create a Pivot Table from Worksheet Data
  • Create a Pivot Table from an External Data Source
  • Create a Pivot Chart Report from an Exisitng Pivot Table Report
  • Slicers
  • Using Slicers
  • Formatting Slicers for a Consistent Look
  • Sparklines
  • Types of Sparklines
  • Create a Sparkline
  • Customize a Sparkline
  • Control which Value Points are Shown
  • Change the Style of or Format Sparklines

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What our attendees have said about us:
Very knowledgeable, I enjoyed this course immensely, Tony is a great trainer
This was a very good course have definitely picked up some tips
Eaves Housing
The trainer had a good personality for training and was very informative
My initial concerns were how the trainer would make a potentially dull subject interesting. He succeeded, well done
Taylor Woodrow