Outlook 2016 Intermediate Training Courses – Online or Face to Face

Duration: 1 Day

Course Objective:

Use Outlook to Manage Items, Using Address Books and message features working with personal distribution lists, accessing the Internet and accessing contacts directly managing tasks and scheduling meetings, Working with templates, utilizing forms and creating a form.

Course Contents:

Using Advanced Management Features

  • Objectives
  • Managing Items
  • Setting Up AutoArchiving
  • Archiving Manually
  • Retrieving Archived Items
  • Creating and Applying Categories
  • Finding Items
  • Grouping Items
  • Creating and Clearing a Filter
  • Customizing Outlook
  • Setting Options
  • Adding Shortcuts to the Outlook Bar
  • Moving a Shortcut on the Outlook Bar
  • Removing a Shortcut from the Outlook Bar
  • Changing Your Password

Optimizing Mail Functions

  • Objectives
  • Using Address Books
  • Using an Address Book to Address a Message
  • Adding a Name to Your Personal Address Book
  • Creating an Alias in Your Personal Address Book
  • Selecting a Default Address Book
  • Working with Personal Distribution Lists
  • Creating a Personal Distribution List
  • Editing a Personal Distribution List
  • Deleting a Personal Distribution List
  • Using Message Features
  • Saving and Closing a Message without Sending It
  • Setting Spelling Options
  • Setting Additional Spelling Features
  • Setting and Using Message Options
  • Using Voting Buttons
  • Flagging a Message
  • Recalling a Message
  • Attaching a File
  • Opening, Closing, and Saving an Attached File
  • Accessing the Internet
  • Inserting and Editing a Hyperlink in a Message
  • Using a Hyperlink in a Message
  • Using the Web Toolbar

Working with Contacts

  • Obectives
  • Refining Your Contact List
  • Adding a Contact from the Same Company
  • Using the File as Feature
  • Accessing Contacts Directly
  • Sending a Message to a Contact
  • Accessing a Contact’s Web Page
  • Managing Favorite Web Addresses

Working with Other Users

  • Objectives
  • Scheduling Meetings
  • Inviting Colleagues and Setting a Meeting Time
  • Inviting a Contact to a Meeting
  • Responding to a Meeting Request
  • Reviewing Meeting Information
  • Rescheduling and Canceling a Meeting
  • Scheduling an Event
  • Completing Tasks
  • Scheduling a Task
  • Regenerating a Task
  • Assigning a Task to Someone Else
  • Responding to a Task Request
  • Reclaiming Ownership of a Declined Task
  • Creating a New Item from an Existing One

Working with Templates and Forms

  • Objectives
  • Working with Templates
  • Using a Template
  • Creating a Template
  • Utilizing Forms
  • Installing Sample Forms
  • Using a Form
  • Creating a Form
  • Modifying an Existing Form
  • Publishing and Saving a New Form
  • Creating a Form from Another Program

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What our attendees have said about us:
A fantastic course. Tutor clear concise and easy to listen to. Good use of examples to illustrate points.
The tutor was very knowledgeable, made you feel at ease. He explained everything in detail.
London Borough of Redbridge
Very clear and direct, excellent knowledge of the subject and brilliant in explaining it.
Clear and calm which made the course fun whilst taking the time to help each of us with what we needed. Excellent.
Very knowledgeable with a good technique friendly and relaxed yet able to keep momentum and kept course on track.
Very good, always kept our interest. Knows his stuff.
Aerzen Machines Ltd
The trainer was very professional, I enjoyed the course and it was useful for me. Thank you.
Raglan Housing
Very effective and confident. Comes across with clarity.
Barnet Homes
By far one of the best training sessions I have had and more than helpful.
Suburban Bar
Trainer was friendly made objectives clear and all elements understood. Very engaging and knowledgeable.
RMG Group
Tutor was concise and to the point. I enjoyed his style of training.
Adder Technology
Very personable and down to earth. He made sure everyone understood before going ahead.
Mandant Solutions
The tutor was really good, clear and willing to teach and made himself understood.
XChanging Ltd