PowerPoint 2016 Intermediate/Advanced Training Courses – Online or Face to Face

Duration: 1 Day

Course Objective:

Customise your presentations, working with objects, advanced working with drawing tools, enhancing the overall look of presentations, creating slide show animations, PowerPoint on the web, Macros, sharing and co-authoring.

Course Contents:

Customising PowerPoint 2016

  • How to change the default format of the blank presentation   
  • How to change the Default Language Setting
  • How to change the default Display options  
  • How to change the default Spelling option
  • How to change Presentation Properties and Information          
  • How to change the default Save and changing Default Folder options  
  • About the Quick Access Toolbar     
  • How to customize the Quick Access Toolbar:
  • Add-in programs 
  • How to Load an add-in program    
  • How to unload an add-in program 

Working with Objects      

  • How to insert a Table        
  • How to insert rows/Columns            
  • How to delete rows/columns            
  • How to merge Cells            
  • How to add Borders           
  • How to Colour a Table      
  • Sorting a table in PowerPoint           
  • Organisation Charts           
  • How to insert an Organisation Chart              
  • How to edit an Organisation Chart
  • Inserting New SmartArt Elements   
  • Deleting Shapes  
  • How to convert a box from one type to another
  • How to change shape border and border colour
  • How to change the Fill Colour of a Shape
  • Creating Charts   
  • How to insert a Chart        
  • Editing the Chart
  • How to change the Chart Type       
  • How to change Chart Attributes      
  • How to insert an Excel Worksheet  

Drawing Tools   

  • Drawing Options
  • Drawn objects have attributes, just like other objects.
  • Drawing Shapes                  
  • How to draw circles, squares, and Auto Shape
  • How to change the Fill Colour of a shape
  • How to change the fill effect of a shape
  • How to change the line border and border colour of a shape    
  • Editing shapes     
  • How to resize a shape        
  • How to type text in a shape             
  • Group and Ungroup Objects            
  • Group objects      
  • Ungroup objects 

Controlling the Overall Look

  • Presentation Designs          
  • How to apply a Design Theme
  • How to apply a Theme and Variant colour scheme to a presentation    
  • How to create a custom colour scheme for your slides               
  • How to add a Textured or Picture Background to your slides   
  • How to add a Patterned Background to your slides
  • Working with Slide Masters              
  • How to view Slide Masters               
  • Make a slide that differs from the slide master
  • Make an object appear on every slide in the presentation         
  • Templates and Themes     
  • How to Open an Existing Template
  • How to create your own Template 
  • How to Download a Template        

Slide Shows

  • Viewing a Presentation      
  • Normal view        
  • PowerPoint 2016 Example of Normal View
  • Outline View        
  • PowerPoint 2016 Example of Outline View
  • Slide Sorter View 
  • PowerPoint 2016 Example of Slide Sorter View
  • Notes View           
  • PowerPoint 2016 Example of Notes Page View
  • Reading View    
  • PowerPoint 2016 Example of Slide Sorter View
  • Running Slideshows           
  • Running the show               
  • Continuous loop 
  • Transitions           
  • Timing  
  • Hidden slide         
  • Keyboard control               
  • Build slide            
  • Electronic Presentations    
  • Hints for creating and running slide shows
  • Animating slides 
  • How to apply Transition effects to a Slide
  • How to add Animations to a slide   
  • How to set slide timings while rehearsing
  • How to run a slide show
  • Write or draw (annotate) on slides during a slide show
  • Erase annotations during a slide show
  • Magnify areas of slides during a slide show
  • How to create a loop Slide Show     
  • Package for CD  
  • Prepare a presentation for use on another computer


PowerPoint on the Web

  • Remote Presentations        
  • How to start a Presentation Broadcast
  • How to create a Video                       
  • How to publish your presentation as a PDF or XPS
  • About hyperlinks in a presentation
  • Add, edit, and remove hyperlinks in a presentation
  • How to create a hyperlink in a presentation
  • How to create an email hyperlink in a presentation
  • How to change a hyperlink destination       
  • How to Change hyperlink text         
  • How to remove the hyperlink, but not the text or object that represents it             
  • How to remove a hyperlink and the text or object that represents it       
  • Set a hyperlink base for a presentation

Using Macros in PowerPoint

  • Automating tasks you perform frequently
  • How to Show the Developer Tab    
  • How to create a new macro             
  • How to edit a Macro          
  • How to run a macro           
  • How to delete a Macro      
  • How to attach a macro to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • How to check presentations for macros that might contain viruses      


  • Sharing and Co-authoring
  • About OneDrive   

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What our attendees have said about us:
Very patient as I learnt a lot of new techniques. The trainer kept the day at a pace we were all comfortable with and never rushed the day.
East Coast Kent PCT
The trainer was very approachable, knowledgeable and made the learning fun.
Griffin Travel
Very helpful and interactive. He adapted course to suit our needs.
London Borough of Redbridge
Excellent! Relaxed but clearly very knowledgeable - ideal for me.
Haines Watts LLP
Tony was extremely patent and gave me lots of ideas to help me with my job. I learnt a lot of shortcuts to save me repeating the same stuff.
Park Resorts
He really knows his subject and puts it over well.
Royal National Theatre
Very conversant and skilled in his knowledge. He was very helpful and made sure everybody in the class was comfortable before moving onto other topics.
Port of Tilbury
Very knowledgeable and simple instructions and explanations. Good course thank you.
The Football League
Excellent, thorough yet entertaining. Very useful course, the trainer was patient and suited the course to our objectives.
Hampshire County Council
The trainer was patient, friendly and easy to talk to. He made the course lovely to be on and made you feel comfortable. Thank you
Griffin Marine
Well presented and met my objectives, he offered good help and advice.
K Line Shipping UK
Brilliant course, I have never enjoyed a training day as much as this one. Thank you
Very knowledgeable, an excellent tutor. Very willing to assist if in difficulty.
Curtiss Wright
Good teacher, easy to understand the way he explains things. He also made it fun.
Liberty Retail
Helpful in explaining to people things they didn't understand.
Sheffield City Council
Excellent tutor, flexible and willing to offer additional help. Good rapport highly knowledgeable in the subject.
Jack Tizard School
Thanks, this was a very enjoyable course. I have learnt a great deal.
Lewes District Council
Engaging and extremely helpful, made me feel at ease and more confident.
Tutor was very good, explained things well with mixture of humour. Engaged with everyone on course.
London Borough of Redbridge
Excellent course, very informative and helpful. The trainer provided lots of tips.
Breedon Aggregates
The tutor explained things clearly and made the day interesting.
Sheffield Council