Project 2010 Intermediate Training Courses – Online or Face to Face

How this course can benefit you:

To enable delegates to become more efficient at using MS Project

Duration: 1 Day

Course Objective:

This course builds on the fundamentals of Project Management using MS Project, covering the more advanced features of the application.

Course Contents:

Managing the Project and Understanding Project Views
  • Preparing a Project for Analysis and Tracking and Performing Resource
  • Levelling
  • Customising the Gantt Chart Bars
  • Displaying the Critical Path
  • Using the Formatting Tab of the Ribbon
  • Using Network Diagrams
  • Displaying Tables
  • Inserting and Hiding Columns
  • Creating a New Table
  • Applying Filters
  • Using AutoFilters
  • Understanding and Viewing
  • WBS Codes

Examining and Updating the Project

  • Amending Tasks using Various Views
  • Using Resource Levelling
  • Understanding Baseline and Interim Plans
  • View Project Baseline Information
  • Compare Baseline and Scheduled Information
  • Tracking and Updating Tasks Effectively
  • Viewing Progress Lines
  • Understanding Project Costs
  • Creating a Budget
  • Viewing Total Resource Costs
  • Viewing Total Task Costs
  • Reducing Project Costs
  • Understanding Project Deliverables

Printing and Reporting

  • Printing Project Views
  • Viewing and Changing the Print Settings
  • Add a Header, Footer or Legend to a View
  • Viewing the Built in Reports
  • Editing Reports
  • Visual Reports
  • What you can Print
  • Reports by Report Type

Multiple Projects and Resource Sharing

  • The Resource Pool
  • Updating the Resource Pool
  • Review and Update Assignments
  • Update Resource Availability or Cost Information
  • Stop Sharing Resources (temporarily)
  • Stop Sharing Resources from a Resource Pool (permanently)
  • Consolidating Projects
  • When to use a Master Project and Sub Projects
  • Insert Sub Projects into a Master Project

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What our attendees have said about us:
A very good and patient trainer, very clear, I understood what was being said
Redbridge Community Safety
The trainer was very clear in his explanations. He adapted the course to suit our needs.
Havering Council
Excellent! Relaxed but clearly very knowledgeable – ideal for me.
A very comprehensive coverage of topics, I thoroughly enjoyed the course
I feel that I have learnt a lot from this course and recommend that others go on the course to improve their knowledge.
Kier London
Tony was very helpful, patient and understanding. Made me feel at ease and didn’t make you feel silly for asking questions.
The trainer was willing to tailor the course to suit our level of understanding
Taylor Woodrow
The trainer was very good and easy to follow. He had good examples and explained well.
I found the day really helpful. The trainer was willing to explain possibilities to work around issues.
Very approachable, adaptable and knowledgeable
Willmott Dixon
The trainer was very patient. He was happy to repeat explanations.