Excel 2016 Introduction Training Courses – Online or Face to Face

Duration: 1 Day

Course Objective:

Delegates will identify basic worksheet and workbook concepts and terms.

Course Contents:

Getting Started

  • Setting up a Microsoft account
  • Connect to OneDrive or Business Drive
  • Tell me what you want to do (new)
  • Starting and exiting from Excel
  • Using the Excel ribbon
  • Customize the ribbon
  • Displaying help information
  • Changing the file type and converting to PDF
  • Using and creating Custom Lists 

Creating and Modifying Existing Worksheets

  • Using Excel 2016 sample templates (new)
  • Creating and opening workbooks
  • Adding data to a worksheet
  • Selecting ranges of cells
  • Entering worksheet data
  • Saving a workbook
  • Use Smart Rename (new) 

Editing a Worksheet

  • Using the spell checker
  • Adjusting column widths
  • Inserting and deleting a range of cells
  • Copy, move and delete cell entries
  • Find and Replace specific entries in a worksheet
  • Inserting and renaming sheet tabs 

Formatting a Worksheet

  • Changing the font style, size and colour
  • Adding alignment options, wrap text, orientation and merge cells
  • Applying borders and patterns
  • Adjusting row height and column widths                      
  • Changing the number format of cell entries 
  • Using styles for consistent formatting 
  • Conditional formatting

Working with Excel formulas

  • Creating basic formulas
  • Brackets and the order of calculation
  • Excel functions
  • Using the SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN,
  • COUNT and COUNTA functions
  • Using AutoSum
  • Using Insert Function
  • Using AutoFill
  • Using absolute and relative references

Printing your worksheet

  • Previewing a worksheet
  • Changing the page setup of a worksheet
  • Setting the print area
  • Printing certain rows or columns on each page
  • Printing selected worksheet entries

Creating a Chart

  • Plotting a chart
  • Use Recommended Charts (new)
  • Previewing and printing a chart
  • Adding new data to an existing chart
  • Uses of the different chart types
  • Creating Sparklines

Controlling the Worksheet Display

  • Splitting the workbook window into panes by freezing panes
  • Hiding rows and columns
  • Changing the zoom level for a worksheet
  • Sorting and filtering worksheet data 

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What our attendees have said about us:
Very helpful, good input and descriptive tutoring
Friendly and patient with slower members of the class. I would recommend this course.
National Gallery
Very good at keeping correct pace to suit all. Did not make anyone feel they could not achieve objective.
London Borough of Redbridge
Brilliant! Outstanding knowledge about subject, really enjoyed the day. Thank you.
Port of Tilbury
Explained everything clearly and was easy to understand.
National Gallery
Very open to answer queries and make sure everything was understood before moving on.
Thank you very much for teaching very useful knowledge of Excel.
Fantastic, very personable and good humour! The tutor was helpful and informative.
Lambert Smith Hampton
Excellent, more knowledgeable than most trainers about his subject. Very helpful.
London Borough of Newham
Brilliant and very well organised and very helpful. He was happy to help whenever asked for extra help.
We covered a lot in one day, I especially liked the exercises. Excellent all round, very informative training, thanks.