Proofreading Training Courses

How this course can benefit you:

To help you learn the skills to become a more experienced proofreader

Duration: 1 Day

Course Objective:

This course will cover how to proofread thoroughly, accurately and competently. Training exercises in spotting mistakes and correcting common errors of punctuation, spelling and grammar will be tailored and implemented to the clients own sector needs and requirements.

Course Contents:

  • Functions of a proofreader
  • Methods of working
  • How to read thoroughly & accurately
  • Reading on paper and on screen
  • Proofreading & editing marks
  • Spotting mistakes
  • Punctuation
    • when the rules can be broken
  • Grammar
    • avoiding common errors
  • Avoiding common pitfalls
    • mis-spelling headlines
    • wrong telephone numbers / email addresses
    • incorrect prices
    • misplaced headlines / captions

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What our attendees have said about us:
Geraldine broke up the session really well. Great activities and well tailored to our organization.
Girls Day School Trust
The trainer was very articulate, made course helpful and interesting. Very worthwhile
Local Government Ombudsman
Overall a great enjoyable training course. The trainer was interactive and full of useful advice
London City Airport
A very worthwhile day that can be put into practice, it was enjoyable too!
Residential Management Group