Excel Macros VBA Training Courses – Online or Face to Face

Duration: 1 Day

Course Objective:

Being able to create macros and VBA routines changes your attitude to Excel from ‘can the program do this?’ to ‘this is what I need to do, how can I go about it?’ Creating macros can extend the functionality of Excel; allow users of VBA to create their own custom Excel functions and reduce work which normally takes several minutes or longer down to a single button click. This course represents an excellent introduction to programming as the software itself writes much of the program code. This one-day course provides enough grounding for the delegate to write useful macros and also acts as a solid basis for further learning.

Course Contents:

Point and Click Macros

Starting and stopping the macro recorder – naming macros – attaching to toolbar and on-sheet buttons and menus – creating a macro library – Runtime errors.

Script Editing

Reading a simple script – making changes – header and footer – annotations – copying and pasting – syntax errors and error messages – WITH and END WITH – How VBA handles formatting instructions – simplifying and rationalizing a macro written by the macro recorder.

Creating Functions

User-defined functions – advantages – using variables – function generator – calculations in functions – using Excel functions in VBA


Dialogs: Creating a ‘Milestone’ dialog box – using a built-in dialog – Conditional branching: creating an OK/Cancel dialog – using IF…THEN…ENDIF. Loops: FOR…NEXT, WHILE…WEND. Moving data: INPUTBOX – cell VALUE property – using variables – the OFFSET statement. VBA syntax: Collections, objects, properties and methods. Advanced Dialogs: Creating a custom dialog box Error trapping: The ON ERROR statement – Labels – GO TO statement Using Subroutines: Calling a subroutine from within a subroutine.

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Excellent. He was thorough yet entertaining. I found the day very useful and he was patient and suited the course to our objectives.
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The trainer really knows his subject and puts it over well
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This was a really worthwhile course, I learnt a lot over the day. Thanks Ken
Very conversant and skilled in his knowledge of the subject.
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