Project 2016 Intermediate/Advanced Training Courses – Online or Face to Face

Duration: 1 Day

Course Objective:

This course builds on day-to-day Project Management using MS Project 2016, covering the advanced features of the application.

Course Contents:

Resource Techniques

  • What are over-allocations
  • Identifying over-allocated tasks
  • Task inspector
  • Viewing resource assignments and finding over-allocations
  • Viewing the project critical path
  • Resource levelling explained
  • Levelling options
  • Applying levelling  
  • Uses of the levelling Gantt
  • Applying the levelling Gantt
  • Clear levelling


  • Why save a baseline
  • Saving, removing and revising the baseline
  • Adding new tasks to an existing baseline
  • Multiple baselines

Multiple Project Plans

  • Why use multiple project plans
  • Creating a resource pool
  • Setting Project and task priorities
  • Creating consolidated projects
  • Linking tasks across projects of a consolidated project
  • Levelling consolidated projects
  • Saving project workspaces 

Tracking a Project Plan

  • What is tracking?
  • Tracking Gantt view
  • Updating the project schedule
  • Working with actual
  • Comparing the actual and planned progress of a project
  • Inactive tasks
  • Additional project tracking options

Additional Table Topics

  • Displaying additional project tables
  • Modifying table fields
  • Working with custom fields
  • Creating a calculation
  • Working with graphical indicators
  • Creating addition tables

Project Filters

  • Why use project filters
  • Using the standard project filters
  • Creating custom filters

Reporting the Plan

  • Introduction to project reports

Global Template

  • Benefits of using Global Template

Additional Project Views

  • Calendar, Network diagram, Task usage, Resource usage, Timeline and
  • Team Planner

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