Desk to Desk Consultancy

As a response to the needs of staff members with specific IT problems which require definitive answers ‘Desk to Desk Consultancy’ provides a cost effective solution with the minimum disruption to work schedules and the working environment. As the trainer visits the individual’s workstation, users can be given direct relevant advice rather than generalisations about the software they are using

We Supply

An expert in your chosen program who will visit up to 8 delegates in a day, spending with each delegate as required

You Supply

An ‘Itinerary’ for the trainer, and corresponding advice to the delegates so that they are expecting a visit and have their questions prepared

The Advantages

  • Minimum disruption to the working day
  • Techniques can be demonstrated and questions answered
  • People with completely different needs can be catered for

From £350 + VAT Per Day

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Desk to Desk Consultancy

This course can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.

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