Communication Skills for Support Staff Training Courses

How this course can benefit you:

This course will benefit people who work within a supportive role in Schools and have to deal with difficult & demanding situations/people whether that be communicating with parents or external agencies.

Duration: 1 Day

Bespoke One-to-One / Group Courses: From £350.00 + VAT per day

Course Objective:

Clear and effective communication is crucial to many aspects of a large number of roles. This course aims to improve communication skills for support staff who either work regularly with parents and other external members of the school community, or want to improve the effectiveness of the way they work with colleagues. The course will explore the principles behind good communication skills and involve a number of practical exercises to develop confidence in putting the skills into practice.

Course Contents:

  • Benefits of effective communication
  • Body language
  • The importance of listening
  • The art of effective questioning
  • Understand different behaviour types
  • Benefits of assertiveness
  • The use of negotiation, influencing & emotional intelligence
  • Managing conflict
  • Self talk
    • stop, think & respond technique
  • Customer service
    • responding effectively to parents, neighbours, members of the local community
  • Working with colleagues
    • running and contributing to meetings
  • Working with your managers
    • making requests, getting your point across, being assertive
  • Working with those you manage
    • giving instructions, giving feedback

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What our attendees have said about us:
Great examples used that are relevant to my job. Great tutor very approachable.
Very good communicator, good clear guidance and useful examples and techniques.
Excellent, everything tailored to our requirements.
Good knowledge of the subject, clear training technique, good feedback.
Very competent, trainer quickly made everyone feel at ease and able to participate in group discussions.
Excellent engagement and participation, the day flew by as it was a very enjoyable course.