Strategic Planning


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Suitability and Overview

This webinar is suitable for individuals who are involved in the shaping of and delivery of the strategy of an organisation, providing an insight into the tools, methods and models strategic planning ahead of any implementation.

Strategic planning is a systematic and documented process for enabling key decision-makers to decide the future direction, vision and aims of the organisation, considering the prevailing internal and external conditions.

Decisions that we call strategic are those likely to affect organisational performance over the coming years and they are viewed in relation to recent, current and predicted future performance and other variables that are likely to influence performance.

Looking at the typical strategic tools and models available to an organisation, in an internal and external context, the webinar examines how they can help shape strategic decisions and lead to more effective strategic planning.


To learn about and understand the different tools and models used in strategic planning.

Understand the relationship between the strategy and the future outputs, achievements and successes of the organisation.

To enable delegates to contribute, in some measurable way, to improving overall organisational performance.

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