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Suitability and Overview

This webinar is suitable for individuals who lead and manage a team.  It is intended to provide a greater understanding of the dynamics and variables that can affect team performance and ultimately the success of the team.

A team may consist of two or people working together or independently to achieve a common goal or output.  Team dynamics reflects the relationship that exists within a team and is the outcome of how team members in their distinct roles and behaviours impact upon the other members of the group as a whole.

The webinar provides an insight into the term ‘team dynamics’ and an overview of the factors can influence them within the team or between the team and the leader.

Covering some of the key ‘team’ concepts such as Belbin, the Tuckman model and Lencioni, delegates can gain a greater insight into the function and disfunction of teams and the role played by certain factors.


An understanding of the role and responsibilities that the team leader has in influencing the team members and the overall success of the team.

Strategies for improving team dynamics and creating a solid ‘team ethos’.

Learning about the causes of poor team dynamics and how to avoid them.

Knowledge of established ‘team’ models such as Belbin, Tuckman and Lencioni.

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