Speedwriting v’s texting

When someone asked me why they would need Speedwriting in their lives, I said ‘Don’t you wish you knew what your children were texting to their friends?’
That is what Speedwriting is… adult text speak…well I say adult but that is due to the kind of terminology our trainers would use to suit our clients organisation. I can’t imagine my son ever texting his friends about the importance of confidentiality when discussing patients records, or needing to know how to write about a disciplinary matter etc.
Speedwriting is such a useful tool to have and some people I know even use if for their shopping lists……Is it a type of shorthand? I guess that’s what the older generation may call it, but if my memory serves me that had symbols as well as text.I’m nt gng 2 lie I hv w8d tl my sn hs gn 2 bd & chkd hs phn & hv wrkd ot wht he ws trng 2 sy.

Speedwriting Training Course Outline