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Time Management

It’s at this time of the year, Time Management or Prioritisation Management (as some now call it) gets worse rather than better. Everyone is so busy with their workloads and their minds are also busy with the Festive Period….regardless of their religious beliefs December is a ‘chaotic month’. So what is Time Management…well there are only 24 hours in a day (although some believe they have less time in their…

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Clients ask me what the difference between Supervisory Skills and Management Skills is, the simple answer would be…nothing…to supervise is to manage, and to manage is to supervise. One particular client called in as they were struggling with a particular manager, who by all accounts lacked People skills…or an easier way to put it would be, lacked the ability to communicate in an acceptable way with others. I asked the client how did this…

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When someone asked me why they would need Speedwriting in their lives, I said ‘Don’t you wish you knew what your children were texting to their friends?’ That is what Speedwriting is… adult text speak…well I say adult but that is due to the kind of terminology our trainers would use to suit our clients organisation. I can’t imagine my son ever texting his friends about the importance of confidentiality…

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